Admissions Policy

Each child admitted must be determined by the Director to be able to benefit from the program offered and that his/her needs can be met. Classroom assignments are determined according to the child’s age in September.

Children enrolling must be two years old by August 1st, to enroll in the Little Tots program. Children turning 2 after August 12, 2019 must wait until the next school year to enroll.

All children 3 years and older should be able without assistance:

  • To care for his/her toilet needs, and wash his/her hands.

  • To use tissue to blow his/her nose.

  • To put on and take off necessary clothing.

  • Pull-ups are not allowed for children unless they are enrolled in the Little Tots program.

  • Diapers are not permitted.

In case the child should not be able to meet these requirements or should, for some reason, continually revert to an earlier stage of development, it may be necessary to withdraw the child from school.

Children With Special Needs

Children who have special needs shall be accepted only if it is determined by the Director that:

  • There will be no adverse effect upon the other children either through direct behavior of the child or through requiring staff time needed by the other children.

  • The school is able to meet the needs of the child.

  • The parents of children who do not speak and/or understand the English language must meet with the Director prior to the child enrolling into the preschool program to establish a written plan for communicating with the child.

  • If it is suspected that a child may have special needs after they begin our program the parents must cooperate with the school in obtaining the necessary assessments to determine if the preschool is able to meet the needs of the child.

Admission Procedures

Rancho Christian Preschool operates on a nondiscriminatory basis, according equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, national origin or ancestry.

Registration is based on available space within the child’s developmental level; please call the preschool office to verify if there is availability in your child’s developmental level. Developmental level is determined by the child’s chronological age as well as how the child fits into the academic and social framework of the school. Rancho Christian Preschool accepts the obligation to work with each child and family to determine the proper placement of each child.

The preschool shall maintain a waiting list in general chronological order to inquiries received, giving preference to siblings of enrolled children in the Rancho Christian Preschool and Rancho Christian School system.

Each child must present proof of proper immunization as stated in the California Health and Safety Code, Section 1596.81, prior to enrollment. A Physician’s Report Form is required prior to enrollment documenting the child’s physical ability to attend a child care center, that a Tuberculosis (TB) test has been completed and any special needs or medical conditions that the child may have.

To enroll in the Preschool requires 3 simple steps:

  • Apply online and submit the application.

  • Download and complete the 6 required licensing forms. Return the 6 forms and proof of immunization to the Preschool office.

  • Complete and submit the online enrollment packet.

6 Required Licensing Forms:

  1. Identification and Emergency Information

  2. Pre-Admission Health History

  3. Signed, Notice of Parents Rights

  4. Signed, Notice of Personal Rights

  5. Consent for Medical Treatment

  6. Physician’s Report Form

Tuition Assistance

At Rancho Christian Preschool, one of our greatest values is to make the highest quality Christian school care & education available to all families. It is our desire to offer competitive tuition rates and the best programs available. Some families need a little more help to afford everything that a private school can offer their children. We are happy to provide a robust tuition assistance program to come alongside families who may need it. If your family would like to benefit from everything we have to offer but are struggling to make it work financially, please take the time to apply for our tuition assistance program.

Rancho Christian Preschool does NOT offer merit or talent scholarships; however, we believe that no student should be denied a quality Christian education for financial reasons. Our Tuition Assistance program offers need-based financial aid as available.

Families who are applying for tuition assistance will need to complete an online application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.

Applications for the next school year will begin being accepted when we open registration. You will need your most recent tax return and W-2s in order to complete your application.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-315-9262. If you have any questions about the awards process, please feel free to contact the Accounting Department at 303-1408.