• Little Tots ages 2 years to 3 years with potty training assistance
    (tuition is slightly higher for this class)

  • Three year old program ages 3.0 years old to 3.11 years old

  • Pre-K classes 4.0 years old to 4.11 years old

  • Jr. Kindergarten 4.6 years old to 4.11 years old

  • Transitional Kindergarten 4.9 years old to 5.4 years old
    (3 days a week attendance requirement)

Child to Teacher Ratio: Our classrooms are designed to have 18 children with a Lead Teacher and a classroom assistant. If enrollment in an individual classroom does not reach 18 children, then the child to teacher ratio will be 1 teacher to 12 children.

Our curriculum is designed to be open-ended and flexible. Your child’s teacher will implement the material to insure appropriateness. To a greater extent, each teacher determines how the curriculum is used in their classroom and makes their own decision on structure and classroom schedules.Your child will focus on specific learning themes, Bible themes, special events, holidays and multicultural events. The activities are unique, knowledge building, exciting for the children and always present a balance of preschool experiences.

  • Fine motor, gross motor and sensory motor experiences are offered through such activities as cutting, painting, writing, outside activities, music and art and/or craft projects

  • Cooperative games, dramatic play and puzzle hunts enhance social and emotional development, as well as build self-esteem

  • Project sheets and graph charts build classifying, sequencing, patterning and spatial skills

  • Circle time and storybook activities provide practice in language and listening skills and introduce children to the world of literature

  • Important scientific investigative and observation methods are introduced through simple hands-on activities such as sink or float experimentation and planting seeds

  • Instant activities and guessing game activities provide problem solving challenges and spontaneous fun.

  • Numbers, letters, phonic, shapes, and colors are introduced weekly with their use integrated throughout the activities

  • Bible stories and memory verses are introduced throughout the month to build Christian character qualities and give children knowledge of God’s work

Our curriculum resources fulfill the Head Start Domain Elements, Standards, and Indicator guidelines and are consistent with the National Association for the Education of Young Children Guidelines for curriculum content. Rancho Christian Preschool is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International.